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Camping with a toddler in a roof top tent

and a few essential tips!

Traveling through British Columbia with a roof top tent is a great experience for many families. For toddlers (and adults!), sleeping on top of the car in a roof top tent is a fun and adventurous camping experience. It’s almost like sleeping in a tree house with views as far as their eyes can see. If you have a family, this could be a great way to spend a vacation with young kids.  

Comfort and plenty of (play) space

Our roof top tents are highly comfortable. The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 has been designed to be pulled out in a matter of seconds, and next to a spacious sleeping and playing area (for 2 adults and 2 young kids, or 3 adults) the tent offers plenty of protection against the elements. Therefore, it isn’t that much of a surprise that these roof top tents can make family camping trips easy and enjoyable. 

And if it’s too warm in the tent, you and your kids can still enjoy a fresh breeze through the mesh door and windows when they’re zipped up.

Is it safe for toddlers and children to sleep in a roof top tent?

It’s safe as long as you don’t leave your child alone in the tent. Obviously, in a rooftop tent, the child is going to be up quite high. Whether your kids are hanging out and playing during the day, or snuggling up to go to sleep at night, make sure they stay safe once they’re inside the tent by zipping up the door and windows to the top. For extra safety, we have reusable twist ties available.

Few tips based on our personal experience:

  • When driving remember to take regular breaks so that everyone stays refreshed and energized. This will also give the kids a chance to explore during the breaks or just run around and burn off some energy.
  • Give them tasks to help with the camp setup. It may slow down the process, but it keeps them busy and even toddlers will feel like they are contributing. For instance, they could help with unpacking a box or finding kindling for the campfire.
  • Tent Games To add to the camping fun, pick up some games that use very few pieces, or play travel games that have magnetic boards to keep the pieces from going everywhere inside the roof top tent. During the campfire is a fun time to play games!
  • Star Gazing Before bedtime turn off the lights on a star-filled night and together watch for shooting stars. If you want to make this experience extra special, bring a stargazing book that shows you the different constellations and see if you can spot any of them. 
  • Headlamps or flashlights Kids love to sit or walk around the campsite wearing their own headlamps. If they have a flashlight, attach it to a lanyard so they don’t lose it.
  • Bring their favourite stuffy Sleeping in a roof top tent can be an unusual experience. Make sure your little one(s) feel safe by bringing their trusted stuffed animal(s).
  • If your kids are outdoor newbies, pitch a tent in the backyard or even inside your home. Let them hang out in it and sleep in it so they become comfortable with a new sleeping environment. 
  • Pack an outdoor rug: to protect and prevent injuries from the surface, for safety to avoid slips and falls, and add storage boxes for a playground element.

It’s never too early to start overlanding with your kids. At Maple Overland we rent out 4×4’s with roof top tents and all the camping gear you need as a family to explore British Columbia as comfortably as possible. Click here for some inspirational overlanding pics.

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