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Challenge yourself – Top 5 best outdoor activities

British Columbia is one of the world’s great destinations for outdoor adventures. We have selected for you the 5 best outdoor activities in BC that perfectly pair with the Maple Overland adventure experience. From hiking to the Tin Hat mountain cabin to Heli Biking in Whistler, here are five of the best outdoor activities, and decide which one suits your adventure style.

1. Hiking

Lacing up your boots and hitting the trails is a typical British Columbian activity, and you’ll find everything from easy city park trails to physically demanding and multi-day hiking trips across our province. 

The landscapes are as varied as the trails: choose from rainforests, mountain meadows, glaciers, prairies, and more. Not just in BC’s national and provincial parks, you will find hiking trails all over BC. Some of our favorite hike trails in our area are: Stawamus Chief trail, Garibaldi Lake, Joffre Lakes, Grouse Grind and the Sunshine Coast Trail Canada’s longest hut-to-hut route. Whatever your interest and ability, you’ll find a trail to match.

Tin Hat Cabin

2. Kayaking

Wherever you are in British Columbia you’ll never be far from water, and one of the best ways to explore is in a kayak. Opportunities for kayaking adventures are abundant across BC. 

The coastline is one of the best places for a paddle adventure, with isolated coves, lagoons, inlets full of marine and wildlife and ample opportunities to camp directly on the beach. 

If you are looking for a location in the summertime where you can jump off your kayak and take a swim, Desolation Sound is your place. Desolation Sound is a haven because of its unusually warm waters. It also features picturesque scenery including 60 kilometres of coastline, in the shadow of spectacular coastal mountains. If you want to go kayaking, this is an area you don’t want to miss. Our favourite paddling destination on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. We offer a Sea kayak day tour and a 2-day overnight tour. For more information about the kayak tours, click here.

2 days kayak, 1 overnight on an island

3. Rafting

British Columbia is home to hundreds of rivers and rafting is one of many ways to explore the wild beauty our province has to offer. This outdoor experience gives you the opportunity to paddle through glacier-fed waters, connect with nature, and build lasting memories.

River and whitewater rafting trips range from a relaxing float through calm waters to an exhilarating ride through challenging rapids. Go rafting for the day or try a multi-day expedition on one of Canada’s legendary wilderness rivers, including Chilko River, Tatshenshini River, and the Babine River. 

We work with Canadian Outback Rafting, a guided whitewater rafting operator who offers day and, multi-day rafting trips. For more information, visit our booking page.

Rafting in BC


4. Historical Mail Flight

The Historic Mail Flight with Corilair Charters is a once in a lifetime adventure experience. Board one of the floatplanes in Campbell River, sit back, and relax as your pilot charts a path through the magnificent Discovery Islands and DesolationSound to deliver mail, supplies, and drop-off/pick-up passengers along the way. During the journey, you will have the chance to get off the plane and explore these remote outposts and experience the unique culture of the islands. While at some of the stops, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with some of the local folks, visit the general stores and see these coastal communities firsthand. Read more.

Explore remote outposts by floatplane

5. Heli Biking

We have some of the best big mountain riding in the world, right here in our backyard, and we invite you to come and experience it!

Whistler’s vast mountain ranges aren’t just for powder seekers. After the snow melts, British Columbia offers some of the best mountain biking in the world. Level up your downhill mountain bike adventures with a heli-biking tour that takes you to one of the speaks with endless trails. 

Riders will be flown to the high alpine in a remote area between Whistler and Pemberton. With options for both Advanced and Expert skill levels and a mix of technical and flow trail sections, there is a wide variety for all riders to experience some of Whistler’s best biking.

Depending on the trail choice, bikers can expect to ride 9km to 13km of trail through either 1300 or 1600 meters of elevation drop on this incredible adventure through the Sea-to-Sky backcountry. See more details here.

Heli Biking

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