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What to pack for your overland adventure?

Check the weather and pack accordingly

Like with most outdoor activities in life, you should start by checking the weather forecast for the regions you’re about to visit and think of what kinds of activities you’ll be doing. If you’re staying near the coast or in the mountains, it can get cooler than you’d expect so be ready to layer up. Keep in mind that British Columbia’s weather can change instantly during the off-season. It can be clear and sunny at one point, and snowing or raining the next moment. 

Bring duffel bags 

Duffel bags are amazing to carry when you’re ‘Jeeping’. They stack easily and are flexible when you throw them on top of one another. That means they’re pretty good at fitting into the space left in the Jeep next to the fridge and our 2 expedition boxes. Having said this, hard case suitcases are definitely a no go

Clothes to bring 

We suggest you should at least bring the garments below:

      • Socks 

      • Underwear 

      • Base layers (synthetic or wool) 

      • Sports bra 

      • Comfortable short or long t-shirts (cotton is okay) (mid layer)

      • Sweater 

      • (Quick drying) Shorts and swim shorts 

      • (Quick drying) Pants  

      • Sleepwear 

      • Fleece jacket 

      • Puffy jacket (insulated or down for spring and fall) 

      • Rain jacket 

      • Sun hat or cap 

      • Toque/Beanie and gloves (spring and fall)

      • Comfortable (waterproof) shoes 

      • Sandals/Flip Flops 

        Also don’t forget… 

        • Toothbrush and toothpaste  

        • Quick drying towel 

        • Biodegradable toilet paper (outdoor friendly) 

        • Biodegradable shower gel 

        • Toiletry bag with your outdoor friendly essentials 

        • Sunscreen (ocean friendly)

        • Sunglasses 

        • (e)books and magazines 

        • Camera  

        • Chargers for all your electronics

        • Binoculars 

        • Sleeping bag:

          We recommend in summer a ratio between 0°C to 5°C and for fall -9°C to 0°C (if needed, we rent out 5°C sleeping bags)  

        • Headlamps (if needed, we rent out headlamps) 

        • Head net (against nasty mosquitos)  

        • Reusable water bottle 

        • Reusable mug

        • Bear safety gear (bear spray, flare pen launcher and other essential outdoor gear is available at local outdoor stores in Squamish) 

      Of course, what you pack is mostly a matter of personal choice, but with this list we hope we gave you a leg up while packing. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We love the pre-holiday fun just as much as you do, and don’t mind helping you pack for the adventure of your lifetime.

      At Maple Overland we rent out overland 4×4 Jeeps, packed with rooftop tent and all the camping gear you need to explore the wild backcountry of British Columbia as comfortably as possible. Experience sleeping in a rooftop tent under the stars, build a campfire and create your own delicious camping food while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. Our fully equipped expedition Jeeps come with everything you need to enjoy your B.C. adventure. See here which gear you get with our Jeeps and read along for tips on what to bring yourself. 

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